Brands to handle any size project

Readymix is backed by Holcim Australia which through their consistent quality products, dependable delivery, and an ability to understand and respond to each customer’s specific needs, have developed successful business relationships to last a lifetime.


ECOPact offers Australia’s most comprehensive selection of low-carbon concrete. It emits up to 70% less CO2 than the Australian National Life Cycle Inventory Database benchmark (AusLCI). Readymix in partnership with Holcim is committed to reducing the footprint of their buildings and infrastructure in order to build better and more with less. It is the only way we can make progress for people and the planet at the same time and achieve a net-zero future in construction.

Readymix SuperSpray

The ​SupersprayTM​ ​range of high-performance shotcrete mixes have been designed to be reliable, durable and resilient. Shotcrete solutions allow concrete to be placed in hard-to-access areas, where conventional concreting techniques are not viable. For example, swimming pools, ground stabilisation, retaining walls, basements, roadworks and tunnels are commonly used for Readymix’s SupersprayTM.


Geostone is recognised as a leader in internal and external concrete solutions, Geostone® has a range of beautiful polished and honed concrete solutions to suit your space. Like a fine wine, the natural variations of their regionally sourced Australian stone add character and personality, while the thermal qualities of the concrete regulate the heat giving your space a natural ambient temperature.


A continuous flow – ReadyMixer™ is an alternative way to get access to concrete for various types of applications. ReadyMixer employs Volumetric technology and as such, materials are stored separately and mixed onsite as required – meaning you can complete jobs with varying concrete properties and strengths in one run!

Additional Brands

Readymix has a list of other brands which include;

  • Readymix 2Ezy – Readymix 2Ezy concrete has high workability characteristics optimised for enhancing placement and finishing operations in the construction of concrete floors and pavements.
  • Readymix Lava – Readymix Lava assists with workability and pumpability. Perfect for house slabs or extended line pump applications.

Backed by Holcim

Holcim operates right across the Australian continent supplying concrete from a network of more than 150 concrete plants and 900 mixer trucks. Holcim ensures that Readymix has the capacity and technical capability to get the most important project right, your home.

Readymix is an iconic Australian brand that has been helping build Australia since 1939. Readymix is here to supply concrete for all the projects around your home – like we have for many generations before.

Concrete supply can often be confusing and hard to organise. At Readymix we are committed to making concrete supply simple and accessible for the ‘every day’ person. In a few simple steps, you can have Readymix concrete delivered to you for all of your projects

Why choose Readymix concrete?

Any Project

Trust us with your project. From the smallest jobs to larger challenges, tackle any project with confidence.

Affordable Solutions

The affordable mix. Our products are more affordable. That’s because we do it ourselves. There is no middleman!

Trusted Quality

The industry standard in quality. Feel confident that the quality of your concrete is never compromised. We’re also part of Holcim group; the world’s largest provider of quality concrete solutions.

Australia Wide

We’re in more locations. Only Readymix has the national coverage to handle any project in any location. We’ve got your project covered with more than 165 plants across Australia.